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10 Blair Waldorf Approved Headbands That Are the Zoom Accessory You Need

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Quarantine has been a time for most people to stop getting ready the way they used to. Workout clothes and loungewear has become the new all the time norm. And while I'm still a big proponent of getting truly ready every day, for those of you not inclined to give up the sweatpants, the headband is the perfect addition to make you feel just a little bit more put together. The best part? They'll be in the frame of that video call you have.

There is so much power in getting ready for the day. I'm a firm believer in dressing the part to play the part. I'm much more efficient in a nice, if casual, outfit than my pajamas. Now if you're like me you have probably thought of headbands in the past or still think of them now as the hair accessory of youth, only to be worn by little girls. But, I recently got hooked on Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf proves that doesn't have to be the case.

Exhibit A:

Blair Waldorf always chose stylish, high-quality headbands, usually from Jennifer Behr or L. Erikson. So without further ado here are 10 headbands I think Blair Waldorf would approve of and that you should wear to channel some of Queen B's style into your next Zoom meeting.

  1. The Jennifer Behr Pearly Beaded Zayna Headband

This headband is the perfect choice for anyone with a flair for the dramatic. Want to dive headfirst into the headband game, go with this bold pearl choice. The designer Jennifer Behr, describes this as "a headband fit for a queen" and with the gradually increasing pearls going towards the crown of the head I agree.

2. The Jennifer Behr Constance Headband

And for those of you not quite that bold the Constance headband is the perfect preppy, but much more subdued choice. The pearls lay flat for a more wearable, yet equally gorgeous choice. And for fans of Blair Waldorf, the name of this headband clicked in my head as the name of the high school her and Serena went to on the Upper East Side.

3. Lele Sadoughi Graduated Pearly Velvet Strand Headband

Okay, so those last two were both very expensive choices. For one that's a bit more, wallet-friendly try Lele Sadoughi. The best part, it comes in blush and ivory!

4. BaubleBar Cruz Twisted Headband

Pearls aren't your thing? Not crazy about spending so much on a headband? This is a much more budget-friendly option at $48.00. If you have a warm skin tone or golden tones in your hair this is perfect to bring that out.

5. Jennifer Behr Adele Floral Circlet Headband

Here's another gorgeous gold option just in case the last one didn't have enough pretty detail for you. This one has detailing for days and in the form of gold florals what could be more feminine?

6. L. Erikson Leather Top Knot Headband

For those of you who have a little bit more of an edgy style, this L.Erikson headband will suit you perfectly with the leather material. But the bow effect created by the top knot still juxtaposes that edge with the perfect amount of femininity.

7. Jennifer Behr Lorelai Headband in Hammered Silk

This silk option will feel so luxurious and the pretty rose color is perfect for any of our girly girls. Plus the name makes me think of Gilmore Girls, another great show, which is a huge plus. Although, I have a friend who feels Blair definitely deserved Yale more than Rory.

8. Lele Sadoughi Velvet Knotted Headband

Velvet and white? So perfect. The color makes me think of the iconic white dress Blair wore to the all-white party. Perfect for an all-white look reminiscent of Blair's outfit in the summer and would transition perfectly to be the winter white to brighten up your look months later. The best part, it's on sale for $48.00.

9. Jennifer Behr Rosette Silk Satin Headband

For the fan of florals, try a less expected take on them in this satin headband made in NYC. And in the black color, it's super wearable.

10. Jennifer Behr Tori Hammered Silk Satin Headband

Florals too much for you? This simple padded headband is a perfect choice. Where it with that LBD and you'll always be the star of the room.

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