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Dear J.Crew,

Updated: May 28, 2020

The huge American retailer just filed for bankruptcy and I believe is planning some restructuring along the lines of what Neiman Marcus, facing a similar fate, has in mind. Both two stores I love! The Covid-19 has been really tough for a lot of businesses, even though what first comes to mind would be small businesses.

After hearing about this I had to share my love for J.Crew. They were one of the first stores I ever really loved and I still feel at home wearing their clothes.

You can catch a glimpse in this photo I took years ago with my grandpa of my beloved yellow wool coat I got when I was 10 years old. The coat was all that I ever wanted in a piece of clothing then and truthfully now too. I squeezed into that coat for as long as I could. You can probably tell it's getting a little too small in this photo. It's funny because Meghan ONeill's "J.Crew Crew" made fun of having the children and adults in the catalog dressed the same way. But I would still wear that coat if I could, so maybe the philosophy isn't that crazy after all!

And another note on that coat, my dad went very last minute Christmas shopping to get it for me. I can still remember quietly eavesdropping on the glowing review he gave my mom about the customer service and the lengths they went to make sure he got the coat on time. You don't get customer service like that online.

And their catalogs! These are actually a dream for anyone who loves the preppy style. It makes me want to see if I can find a sweater just like it from them now, throw it over a bathing suit like the one pictured and some shorts, and then go bike riding along the coast.

I've had many pieces from J.Crew over the years. There was the dress and shoes for a friend's bat mitzvah, I got not knowing the store closed earlier than the rest of the mall. The service was still impeccable despite the fact it was so close to their closing time. When we realized we tried to rush out, but they insisted. And then there are the countless t-shirts worn in my childhood and the ones I wear from them now. Not to mention the pajamas I linked in my blog post last week. Speaking of which, I might need to hurry on getting those in the other colors. Excuse me while I momentarily get to that. Lastly, nobody makes a better sweater and they'll always be one of the first places I check to find a good winter coat.

If you've ever shopped at J.Crew you're probably remembering how much you love the brand right now. Might I suggest hopping over to their website, which is still up even though stores are still closed in many areas right now due to Covid-19? I haven't created a round-up because it was honestly a little difficult for me to pick and with this store I feel like you only have to peruse for a little while before finding something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself when you wear it. Looking for a place to start? Try the Easy Does It section of their website under women's clothing.

I've been reading articles for years about this being the end of the mall age. But by golly, I hope J. Crew finds some way to make it. Quality clothes in a preppy style, that's increasingly hard to find. Here's to crossing my fingers J.Crew will be able to weather the storm.


a saddened, but grateful customer

P.S. that coat was timeless and such great quality I'll be able to give it to my daughter someday, so thank you J.Crew

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