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Favorite Loungewear and Pajamas for Quarantine

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Covid-19 has drastically changed life for a lot of us. Ordering the newest and most trendy outfit online isn't exactly on most people's radar. But, if you have the means I think that for those of you staying in loungewear and pajamas all day that having some loungewear that you actually feel good about will make all the difference in the world. So let's run down some of my picks for giving yourself that confidence boost while staying comfortable!

Okay so let's start with the Tommy John Women's Lounge Henley and Tommy John Lounge Jogger. These feel so sleek to me and are probably the best option for leaving your house in for those of you staying in your sweats or PJs all day during the quarantine.

Next up, I've had my eye on this cute pajama set from Roller Rabbit for forever. I think I might need to give in and order these soon because they look so darn cute. At the moment these pajamas might be my favorite of these picks. These are the PJs I imagine myself staying in all day to do some baking. I see these being a mood booster for sure! And if you see these aren't in stock in your size, click to have them notify you when they get them back in because I think these are a classic they continue to make.

These J. Crew pajamas are not to be missed out on! I've had them for about year now and they've held up great. And I always get compliments on these when I wear them to sleepovers or camps! These are the most elegant option in my view and I love wearing them so much I would order them in the other colors. For summer, the short sleeve option J. Crew makes seems perfect!

Finally, this satin robe looks so pretty. The model looks gorgeous in it! Especially with the summer months coming up, I don't like to be in a thick cotton robe when I'm getting out of the shower or blowdrying my hair. It gets way too hot! So something lighter like this would be great in the upcoming months.

I hope this gives you some inspiration and that you'll like one of these options! Stay safe.

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