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Fourth of July

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Yesterday was my favorite day of the year. Fourth of July is without a doubt my favorite holiday. Obviously, with social distancing, it was pretty low key, but in a lot of ways, we went all out. We had all the good Fourth of July food for our little barbeque: my nana's famous mac salad and potato salad (maybe I'll share the recipes someday), burgers, hotdogs, watermelon (and dip which I'm sharing the recipe for), and a whole bunch of chips and dip.

Red T-Shirt | Denim Skirt (similar) | Off-White Vans

I ended up not wearing the Fourth of July outfit I had talked about in my last blog post because I thought the long sleeve would be too hot for the day. I feel like once July hits suddenly it heats up fast out here in California! And I'm actually glad I didn't because I got ketchup all over myself (remember to shake the bottle folks). So glad I didn't have that outfit on and had the red shirt instead.

Okay, so as promised the super easy recipe for a fruit dip perfect for the Fourth of July. All you have to do is mix 8oz (1 stick) of cream cheese with 13 ox (large jar) of marshmallow creme. That’s it!

I hope you had an amazing Fourth of July! I love this country and the ideals it stands for. I love the Founding Fathers and wholeheartedly believe they were inspired in writing the Constitution. So thankful for my freedom.

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