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A Guide to a Productive Quarantine from a High School Student

With the spread of the worldwide pandemic, my school district closed this past March. I am on week 6 of quarantine currently. Since having to make the switch to Emergency Distance Learning, or EDL for short I've had to make some adjustments. Here are the lessons I've learned so far that I think could help anyone, the homemaker and the woman now working from home, survive the quarantine!

1. Get a routine

Bring it back to the basics! For those of you who are older and working from home, remember what it was like when you were in high school and the bell rang? You moved on to the next class, took a break. It doesn't matter exactly how you set it up, but schedule the breaks and then... pretend the bell just rang. You've got five minutes to get to where you need to be. Maybe that's meal prep for the homemaker, or for the woman newly working at home maybe that's going back to wherever you've set up your work station, which brings us to number two.

2. Have a Designated Area for Working That Lends Itself to Productivity

Trust me on this one, even though the couch is comfortable working at my desk, maybe for you that looks like the kitchen table, will greatly enhance your productivity. The name of the game in the home environment is figuring out how to stay focused. You mamas out there might consider taking on some projects during nap time!

3. Get Ready for the Day

Think about it like putting on a uniform. When we choose to get ready for the day, we are sending a signal to ourselves that we're going to work no matter what that work looks like. You'll immediately feel better about yourself. It might be the much-needed confidence boost you've been looking for during quarantine! So put on a dress, jeans, your normal work clothes- essentially anything but sweat pants or the pajamas you wore to bed.

4. Get Outside

I can't express just how much a daily walk does for my mental health. Try to go out for an hour if you can and just walk. Let your mind wander. For me, this gives me the mental rest that I need to be able to get through each day because all of us still have tasks we have to get done even when we don't have anywhere to go.

5. Don't Get Burnt Out

This one might seem counter-intuitive, but it might actually be one of the most important things for longevity. You absolutely need to take some time each day for rest. Take an hour or two, and put on that Netflix or Hulu show you've been wanting to catch up on. Read that book you've been telling yourself you're going to get to. Watch a chick flick -- I personally recommend the Devil Wears Prada. And hey, maybe get out the pint of Ben and Jerry's if you've been eating clean for a while.

Best of luck! And remember not to beat yourself up, we're all taking this quarantine at our own pace.

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