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Taking Part in Birthday Parades for Friends

During this quarantine, I've gotten to be a part of three birthday parades for my friends so far and I absolutely love doing them. It's so much fun to drive by and surprise your friends on their birthday especially when we really aren't able to be in person with people. I think the lack of social connection has really made me appreciate this more than I otherwise would!

I did a parade yesterday for my friend to celebrate her birthday and afterward my friends and I sat on her driveway in the shade. We talked for at least two hours! Not one dull moment. Don't worry we were six feet apart I can assure you.

One of my other friends wrote the messages that we all had for her on paper with a photo of her face printed on the other side and then cut them like puzzles pieces. She stuck them in the balloons so that after the parade the birthday girl could pop them and have her messages fly out. So creative! Not to mention the gift of wrapped up toilet paper--in this day and age, very appreciated. I brought homemade cookies; I washed my hands as well as I know how I promise. And the gag gift of a little screaming goat toy and a potato with her face on it made for some great entertainment. I highly recommend that if you're feeling the quarantine getting to you, that you try doing impressions of a screaming goat.

In short, it was delightful. The most fun I've had in a while and as fun as group face times on Facebook Messenger are, nothing compares to being in person. One thing is for sure though, I look back on some of my last lunches at school, both the times with loud laughter and just a quiet calm as we all ate together fondly. Those are some of my good ole' days for sure. Hopefully, I have more to come.

Notice the six-foot separation :)

So if you've got a friend who's birthday is coming up I would highly recommend this activity. It made social distancing just a little more social for a day.

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