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The Perfect Fourth of July Outfit: Three Options, One Shirt

To start off today's blog post I have three different outfits for you, but each using the same shirt. I went to my local mall yesterday and stopped in the Vineyard Vines and ending up finding this amazing top. The saleswoman told me that it's meant to be performance (think golf, not weight lifting haha). The quality was just so nice and you can't tell as much in the photo, but the difference in material as opposed to normal cotton blend really makes a difference to how it looks in person (in a good way I think, it looks like it's really good quality because it is). I got it in the color "deep bay", but it looks amazing in bimini blue... just slightly less perfect for the Fourth of July than the more navy color I picked up.

Now for the fun part, I found three different options for bottoms that I think would go perfectly.

Okay, first up let's talk about the white jean skirt. This is what I ended up deciding on in-store. I wasn't able to try anything on because with the Covid-19 pandemic many stores aren't currently doing fitting rooms, but it was still so helpful to be able to see the collection in person. I have a much easier time picking out great pieces that way. But, I tried it on at home and can I just tell you it was so cute! The quality was good, it's white so you have to watch where you sit, but if you're deciding between things the skirt can help to dress something up slightly and the white color makes it more versatile than the red (which I love).

Next, is the red shorts. This is what I almost went with, but I don't actually have a good pair of white bottoms (of any style, shorts, pants, or a skirt) so the skirt ended up being the better choice. But if you already have white pants, shorts, or a white skirt these red shorts are so fun and would be especially good for the Fourth. I know some people like to try to incorporate all three colors on Independence Day. If that's you, this is perfect because it combines them seamlessly in a way that doesn't scream I tried to force my outfit to have all three colors haha.

Finally, the white shorts. Either of the shorts are the better option I think if you don't have a white pant or short in your closet. I would always advise getting neutrals before colors when it comes to bottoms. And if you're going between the shorts and the skirt it could honestly depend on which you feel better wearing. Depending on the activity you have in mind for the Fourth of July the shorts might be a lot more suitable. But hey, anytime you wear a skirt is an opportunity to remember to sit like a lady if you want to look at it that way.

Okay, I really thought that was going to be it for this blog post, but then I saw this amazing jacket and I had to share it. Perfect for throwing on as it cools down at night and you're waiting for the fireworks to start. I think I might need to get this. I can also see it working when the Olympics are happening every two years, or anytime really. There's never a wrong time to show your patriotism.

I hope this blog post gave you some ideas for a really simple Fourth of July outfit. When it comes to what you wear on this day I say don't overthink it! And focus on buying quality pieces (read basics) that transfer to lots of wearing throughout the year. These items give you a lot of versatility while at the same time really emulating classic American style-perfect for the Fourth of July!

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