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The Secret to Catherine (Giudici) Lowe's Glow Is In Her 20 Minute Skincare Routine + Her Fav Makeup

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

After writing an article for Evie Magazine about why after 24 seasons of The Bachelor Sean and Catherine Lowe are the only final couple to make it work (you should read it) I thought it would be fun to dedicate this week's blog post to her glowing beauty.

It was so surprising to me to read on Catherine's Instagram that she counted herself out of the running to be Sean's choice believing she was cast to check a diversity box because she was Filipino. One, it was so sad to hear. And two, she's absolutely gorgeous! What guy wouldn't be interested? Every time I see her I want to know what she does for her makeup. I mean just look at this photo of her on her wedding day.

But Catherine herself said that she went onto the show not really knowing much about makeup. In fact, the first time she ever used lip gloss was for the first rose ceremony because the producers told her it would make her look better on screen. You mean to tell me that mascara and lip gloss was responsible for her glow all season?! Sign me up for that skincare routine. But despite that, I do have a few of her favorite secret weapons makeup-wise to tell you about. So without further ado here is Catherine's 20 minute -- yes you read that right, count em' TWENTY MINUTES -- skincare routine. If you're wondering if it's worth it please refer to the above photo again, thank you haha.

Even in her pregnancy, Catherine says she never really had any problems with her skin because she took care of it every day. With skincare consistency really is key. Okay, we get it to take care of your skin every day, but what does she use.

The answer to that is actually pretty simple. Everything she uses is by Chanel. And I'm pretty certain she doesn't have any kind of sponsorship deal with them, so you can trust that info. She has a six-step process. She didn't list the exact process, but I've linked the best seller from each category. She starts with a cleanser from Chanel, then toner, then eye serum followed by a regular serum. Last, she uses a Chanel moisturizer and sunscreen (you can probably skip that step at night).

If you're like me you're wondering why that would take twenty minutes. She says, "You have to take breaks in between, so it doesn't all go on at once." Who knew? You'll definitely see me waiting for my skincare products to set from now on.

So Catherine uses great products, puts in the time needed to get the most out of her products, and focuses a lot more on skincare than on makeup. This is actually really good advice because any makeup you use is going to look that much better when you have a good foundation (what you look like without it). And part of getting that good foundation is sleep and water. When she has the newborn, it's just water. H20 is important folks!

What does Catherine use makeup-wise? Her must-have product is chapstick and specifically the one she's used since age seventeen, Blistex Herbal Answer. And if you're like me and you've never really known where to begin with your eyebrows, Catherine to the rescue. She uses the Anastasia Beverley Hills brow kit and their wax crayon, starting at the bottom middle and then brushing upward to make them look more natural. And what I always want to know when I see makeup looks, what is that lip color? Luckily Catherine told Entertainment Tonight that also. She uses Charlotte Tillbury in "Witch" (not exactly the word, you can figure it out) Perfect. It's a nude color that she likes because it helps mute her lips which are already darker than color. And she says she has a natural blush in her cheeks (me too) so it helps to balance her out. Okay, as someone who has cheeks that are perpetually a lot rosier than I'd like I'm trying this lip color out.

And as a bonus you know I had to throw in a hair care tip of hers because her long, shiny locks are every girl's envy. She uses Deep Steep which is paraben-free and surprisingly very affordable. Seriously, at about $9.00 for a bottle of shampoo, it might be time to place an order.

Okay, so lots of skincare, some strategic lip color, mascara, and brows and we can be on our way to getting the Giudici Glow haha.

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