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Why I Get Fully Dressed Everyday

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Yes, it's quarantine and I still get just as ready as I would to go to school. Some days this means a t-shirt other days it even means if I feel like it, pulling out a white Brooks Brothers blouse I bought with the intention of wearing to church with a skirt.

But that's just it! Why do we save the nice clothes we have for special occasions only? Why not choose to wear the things that we feel the best in all the time? It really wasn't less comfortable than my t-shirt for going about my day, but it helped to make it feel just a little bit different as the days have started to run together.

Now, you might not be ready or even inclined to take off your pajamas in exchange for a blouse. So maybe start with a t-shirt. Do whatever helps to make you feel confident, but for once maybe you can make getting dressed about you and not about who will see you.

Clothing plays such a part in how people see us, so it makes sense that with that being one of the reasons behind getting ready that many people would stop during the quarantine. But what about how we see ourselves? Clothing has the power to help you lead a more productive day than you otherwise would and send the message to yourself that you are going to accomplish things each day. We wear clothes that mostly align with our activity. You change to work out. But that's why it's imperative that when you finish working out that you change back. Because if you have goals for the day outside of lounging you're bound to have more success in clothes that don't signal that activity to yourself.

And I promise you'll find your mood is lifted by choosing the sundress over the worn-out sweatpants with a stain on them from last night's midnight snacking.

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